Equipment Policy Engrossment

Equipment policy

This policy forms part of your agreement with Eat Halal. We will investigate and may take action (including suspending the provision of our services) if you breach these obligations.


The equipment used to access the Eat Halal platform is key to ensuring customers can get amazing food delivered to their homes. This policy sets out the rules governing your receipt and use of Eat Halal equipment accessing the platform. If there is any conflict between this policy and the terms of your agreement with Eat Halal (“Agreement”), the terms of that Agreement shall prevail.


Except where a partner uses its own equipment, Eat Halal will provide: (i) a tablet and printer unit; and (ii) appropriate charging cables to each of your sites (the “Equipment”). 

You will own the Equipment once the full joining fee with respect to the relevant site has been received by Eat Halal as set out in your Agreement.  

You are not to alter or remove any software installed on the device either by removing the application or by factory resetting the Equipment.

Repair and replacement

Faulty Equipment which cannot be repaired remotely will be replaced by Eat Halal (excluding charging cables which will not be replaced).

Eat Halal reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for the replacement or repair of any Equipment, and Eat Halal reserves the right to send a different model or type of Equipment as a replacement.

Eat Halal’s decisions regarding maintenance and repair issues (including diagnosis of internet connectivity issues) are final.

Return and disposal of Equipment

Return of Equipment to Eat Halal

Eat Halal may require the return of Equipment where your Agreement is terminated prior to the full joining fee being paid.  

In such cases, you will be asked to return the device to Eat Halal by shipping all Equipment to the address provided to you by Eat Halal. Eat Halal may charge you the balance of the joining fee if such returns are not made within a reasonable period of time.

Faulty Equipment

Eat Halal does not accept the return of faulty Equipment in any circumstances. We ask you to dispose of faulty Equipment responsibly. Eat Halal encourages you to recycle faulty Equipment wherever possible.

Connectivity requirements

It is your responsibility to have a sufficient broadband connection with a minimum speed of 17mb, that is capable of WiFi connection to the tablet provided as part of the Equipment. You must not use public internet connections, internet extenders, dongles or other portable internet devices with the Equipment.

Delivery of Equipment

Your Equipment will be delivered to you by a third party courier company.

You will provide Eat Halal with a designated contact who will be responsible for receiving the package from the courier. Your designated contact shall provide Eat Halal a current mobile phone number and email address, which will be provided to the courier company.

Your designated contact will receive a notification by text and email, advising them when to expect the courier’s arrival. Your designated contact will be expected to monitor the arrival time of the Equipment. The courier will attempt to deliver the Equipment, but if delivery is not possible the courier will leave.

The designated contact will be responsible for notifying the courier company if the advised delivery time slot is not suitable and it will be the designated contact’s responsibility to arrange an alternate time/location for the package to be delivered directly with the courier company.

The courier provider will attempt to deliver the package twice over 2 days. If they are unable to deliver the package after two attempts, a penalty charge may be applied for all subsequent deliveries. Penalty charges incurred for failed deliveries or failed pickups you are responsible for will be paid by you at the penalty charge + sales tax. This charge will be added to your statement and will be deducted from your next payment.

If you have not received your package despite a confirmed delivery by the courier company, please contact your Partner Support team.